13 Basic Tools from Google That Enhance Business Productivity and Profitability

Google is well known for its useful business tools which are highly effective and cost-effective as well. Such tools include the search engine, Apps and Maps as well. But there are additional tools that you are probably missing if the only ones you know and use are those mentioned above. Google has some of the best applications for enhancing productivity for business.


This write-up puts together a list of the most useful Google tools and applications. Go through the list and learn of the various ways you can put these tools to use.



  1. Google My Business


This is a great tool that can help you make your presence felt online. You can also use to acquire and retain more customers if yours is a local retail business. Google My Business makes it possible and easy for clients to locate your business on Googles Maps and also view some reviews and relevant photos concerning your business. The tool has the following features:


  •    It is free and works well on mobile gadgets
  •    It provides a listing of your company across all Google apps
  •    Has the capacity to handle multiple locations and lets customers find the one nearest to them.
  •    In case of any subsequent change in the address or phone number, you can easily update the information.
  •    Allows you to include pictures videos and useful reviews from past clients
  •    Provides you with a preview of followers, clicks and views and other such statistics.


  1. Google Cloud Print

This is an app that makes it possible to connect every printer you have to the internet. All your printers will, therefore, be available to you whenever and wherever you need them. And the good news is that the Google Cloud Print can be accessed by any device, including a smartphone, provided it has an internet connection. This means that all your printing needs are simplified.


The major benefits of this tool include:

  •    You don’t have to install printer drivers
  •    You can even print from your mobile device
  •    You can access any printer from virtually any location
  •    You don’t require servers, wires or local area network (LAN)

  1. Google for Retail

Google Retail is a friend to those involved in selling goods and services to the public. It is a free tool that enables sellers to put up their list on Google. They can also post adverts that will draw the attention of buyers to their local stores or a virtual Trusted Store through which they sell directly via Google’s Merchant Center.

If you choose to use the Google Trusted Store you will first of all be required to pass an assessment for efficient customer service and reliable shipping.

The Google for retail tool enables business owners to create and upload their current inventory, keep their products organized, developed into a trusted Google store as well as use Google AdSense.


  1. Google Books

For those who are interested in reading up on the various business-related topics, Google Books is available for them. This is a free service that offers you the opportunity for the search of full content as well as free download from millions of the books available in the public domain. In case the copy you are interested in is still under copyright law, Google will direct you to where you can either buy or borrow it.


  1. Think with Google

Think with Google comes in to supplement the Google Books tool. It’s intended to help business owners carry out market research. The kind of research involves website rankings, keywords research and other related data. The tool is simple to use and easy to read. If you decide to use it, you will quickly have access to case studies, infographics, interviews, research documents and industry insights from those who have enough experience to be industry leaders. And the information keeps on being updated so that it remains relevant and useful to businesspeople.


  1. Google Sites

This is a simple and free tool that aids in the creating of simple business websites and wikis (project management tools). One is able to select from several prebuilt designs and then design them according to your specific tools. Googles Sites is useful for creating websites that are collaborative and can integrate with other Google tools such as Apps, Docs, Calendar, Maps, and Drive.


Some of the benefits associated with the use of Google Sites include:


  •    It's easy to use, free and fast as well
  •    Works well with the other Google apps
  •    You don’t need prior database or programming skills
  •    It can work well as a basic project manager
  •    It’s the perfect choice for beginners or business who need to be online as soon as possible.


  1. Google Trends

Do you ever feel like you are behind the news and want to know what is currently trending? Google Trends will solve this problem for you. It is useful for analyzing how popular certain keyword searches have been over time. You will be able to compare certain terms against others as you evaluate their popularity with time, region and language as well as display all the related keywords. Such information is crucial for creating an effective social media ad campaign whether on Twitter or Facebook


  1. Public Data Explorer


The Google Public Data Explorer has the capacity to provide you with certain demographic data that you need for making business decisions. You may, for instance, want to find out the rate at which new businesses are being started up in India. The tool uses data and analyses from numerous international and academic institutions such as the World Bank, Eurostat, University of Denver and OECD.

The information and data thus retrieved is displayed in a number of formats that makes it easier for you to read. These include bar and line graphs, cross-sectional plots or maps.  

And the good thing about this tool is that you can extract data from it and use it directly on your website. The charts and graphs are created in such a way that they are dynamic, whenever the data changes, they update themselves automatically.


  1. Google Forms

Data collection is crucial for the running of any business. And the way you collect such data also matters. Google Forms offers you a simple but effective approach to collecting data by means of online forms. You could use it to conduct interviews, give out short surveys, get responses from clients on your products and services and also keep track of sales leads.

The Forms are among the most versatile of tools found on the internet today. It makes it easier to obtain information of virtually anything you want. And it is completely free and takes very little time to set up.  


  1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is for those in-depth researches for the academically inclined. It is a free search engine with the capability to search through academic literature from academic journals, universities, books, abstracts, court proceedings and even magazine and newspaper articles. It is able to link you to any scholarly article on any subject of interest to you.  

And the tool makes it even more useful by ranking the results depending on the author’s credentials, where and when it was published as well as the frequency of citing in other academic literature.


  1. Google Digital Garage

This is a tool built specifically for career-minded techno enthusiasts. It essentially is a one-stop shop for those who want to master digital marketing. It contains numerous free tutorials to cover everything related to digital marketing, form email marketing to website SEO. All you need to do is choose the specific topics you want to learn and you will receive certification from Google after completing the entire online course.


  1. Google Alerts

Have you ever thought about having someone who can spy for you on your competitors or even clients? Well, Google Alerts is here to do just that. It is a service that informs you via email whenever anything of interest to you is happening in the market. It could either be a market trend, a business or a person of interest to you. And all these come free of charge.  


  1. Hangouts for Business

If you have been using Skype and love it, you will most definitely love Google Hangouts as well. This is a communication tool that offers video conferencing, webinar services, interviewing of people, holding a team meeting and so many other services. It’s powerful but simple enough such that anyone can comfortably use it.


Google has so much to offer in terms of great tools for business. The ones listed here are just a tip of the iceberg. Google has a tool for every industry out there. You just need to know what you are looking for and you will be sorted.