An Introduction to Boon Tech

  • Posted by Adam Hoff
  • 26 March 2018

When you need a big project completed, it’s important that you find the right talent so that you can get the job quickly and effectively. While there are a variety of different ways you could hire freelancers for your important project, the best solution is working with Boon.Tech.


We are a free online A.I. powered freelancer marketplace that you can use to find high-quality professionals across multiple fields. Here is some brief information about the freelancer marketplace that should show you why working with us is the best way to find the talent you need. 

Keep Costs Low

While you’re looking for a freelancer to help with your project, you want to find a quality worker while keeping your costs as low as possible, which is exactly what you’ll get when you post your job on our freelancer marketplace.


First, we charge zero service fees, meaning you can find top-flight freelancers without having to worry about expensive costs. Unlike other methods of hiring a freelancer where you can be charged a fee before even seeing what professionals are available, you can find the right person for your job without the need to cover a fee.


Second, to make sure the freelancer you hire is right for your job, we offer a patented pending rating system that scores the professionals in our marketplace from 1 to 100. Using these ratings should help you find a dependable freelancer that will meet your precise needs. With our ratings system, you’ll no longer have to wonder if the freelancer you’ve hired possesses the quality skills that you need and deserve.

Easy Communication

On our marketplace, you can find freelancers from all over the world, making it easier to find the worker that’s right for your job. Fortunately, wherever your freelancer is from, you won’t have to worry about a language barrier thanks to our live language translation.


Thanks to our live language translation services, you can quickly and easily communicate with our freelancer, ensuring that you hire the right person, regardless of our locations. We are committed to removing any and all barriers keeping you from finding an outstanding freelancer.


Best of all, you can find a freelancer in whatever field you may need. Look for help with a creative project? Need a reliable accountant to keep your company’s books? We have a freelancer on our platform that will fit your needs exactly. From content creation to web design, to IT support, the freelancers on our site can do it all.

Find a Freelancer on the Go

Running a business can be very time consuming, which can potentially make it difficult to find the first-rate freelancers that you need for your company’s most important project. Fortunately, when you hire your freelancers through, you can find a dependable professional in the blink of an eye.


We offer you multiple solutions for finding the excellent freelancers that you need. For starters, you can visit our convenient website and browse freelancers across multiple fields. Or, if you live a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to sit down at a computer, you can find freelancers right from your smartphone. We offer an app for both Android and Apple phones, meaning you can use our service regardless of your device.


If you need the most convenient solution possible for hiring freelancers, you should be sure to work with us.

We Value Your Privacy

When using an online platform to help find a freelancer for your project, you want to be sure that your privacy will be guaranteed, which is another reason to consider using your platform.


With us, you do not need to exchange personal information to hire a freelancer. Everything is handled on our site, ensuring that you can hire a freelancer without threatening your privacy. In addition, we allow you to make payments to your freelancer using crypto currency. This provides an added layer of protection we’re sure you’ll appreciate.


If you need to find a freelancer and want to protect your privacy, using our freelancer marketplace is your best bet. 

Post Your Job

When you need a freelancer to help you with an important project, you want to be able to quickly find the right professional for the job. Fortunately, with the freelancer marketplace, you can find the talent that you deserve quickly and easily.


If you’re ready to find a high-quality freelancer, simply post your job and we’ll get to work. We will examine your posting, analyze your needs, and then provide you with a list of highly skilled freelancers that will fit the bill. Or, if you prefer a more hands on approach, you can browse our marketplace yourself to find some of the best freelancers in the world. Whatever method you choose, you’re guaranteed to find a top-notch freelancer that can help you successfully complete your project. Post your job today.