Best Home Based Data Entry Jobs Online

  • Posted by Chrisitna Doel
  • 17 April 2018

Online data entry jobs attract millions across the globe for various reasons and perceptions associated to these jobs. A huge majority of people considers home based data entry jobs to be extremely easy and they can contribute a lot to the regular income. But before you follow these perceptions it is important to know what data entry jobs really demand. 

An Overview of Data Entry Jobs from Home

Data entry jobs are the extension of online virtual assistance. You may name it a data entry operator, data entry clerk, bookkeeper, typist, or a personal assistant. Virtual assistants require communication with the clients, receiving orders, confirming bookings, responding to the complaints and questions etc. Stable online connectivity and availability on the phone are primary considerations vital for a virtual assistant. 

The concept of online data entry emerged with the realization of the availability of the low-cost service, that doesn’t require an in-house office, stationery, or a separate clerical setup. Keeping this in mind, more and more companies prefer hiring online data entry operators and it has given rise to the consistent supply of the online data entry jobs. 

What you’ll be doing as a data entry operator mainly depends on the company’s / employer’s requirement. The productivity level comparison shows that online operators generate optimal results as compared to those of in-house clerks. 


Contrary to what most of the people think, data entry jobs demands consistent concentration, constant sitting in front of the screen, and utmost precision. They never pay for errors or low-quality. Precision and accuracy are the keys to success in this case. It apparently seems an easy going but actually, it is not. You have to show utmost professionalism to make a mark and hit the set income bar. Things will get boring, you’ll get tired, and almost stuck in the chair, but you have to encourage yourself. Money doesn’t arrive your pocket without effort. Your work quality is the magnet and it attracts money more than anything else. 

But it’s Promising! 

Hard work pays back and if you’re ready to work hard by getting rid of the false perception of data entry jobs being easy, you’ll definitely succeed and earn what you anticipated. There’s a huge demand for data entry operators mainly because of increasing online presence of the companies – small or big – resulting in creation of a promising opportunity to earn something extra without having to leave your home. 

Watch the Spammers!

You need to play safe and act wisely but not rushing with the flow of emotions. Often we receive emails or links to websites offers $1k to $2500 a month against online data entry work from home. Such ridiculous claims themselves are enough to warn. Spammers use a well-known trick by introducing a subscription method as per their so-called policy. They require from you a registration payment ranging from $10 to $50 and even more in some cases. What they do is that they appear to divide the provision of work in accordance with the amount of registration payment. Once you pay them, you’ll not receive any response whatsoever. 

Where to Find Legitimate Online Data Entry Work from Home?

It doesn’t mean that you can’t find real home based data entry jobs. The best you can do is to refer to the freelancing platforms. There’re a number of promising and highly reliable freelancing websites such boontech. You simply need to register (remember that registration is completely free), create your profile, browse through online data entry jobs, send your proposal and the employer – if interested – will contact you. 

The mechanism of these websites secures your payment and you’re guaranteed to get paid as per the agreement with your employer. It isn’t going to add $2500/month to your wallet but you’ll surely earn what you deserve in accordance with the workload. Setting the pricing is your choice, and you’re free to negotiate rates with your employer. 

How Much Can I Earn from Freelance Data Entry Jobs?

It entirely depends on the job type, the employer, the scale of his/her business, budget, and the expertise the freelance data entry jobs require. On an average, from $200 to $350 a month is a realistic estimate. If you prefer to take it full time rather than part-time, the income may rise accordingly. 

What are the Essential Skills Required for Online Data Entry Jobs?

Precision, speed, and accuracy are the vital factors which determine your performance as a data entry operator. You must have exceptional typing speed first of all. Some jobs only require typing from the pdf files or images. Following are the basic skills you need to possess if you want to raise your performance level:

  • Accurate Typing 

  • Fast Typing (at least 30-words/minute) 

  • Microsoft Office skills 

  • Database management skills 

Tools you need:

  • A reliable computer/laptop 

  • DSL or high-speed internet connectivity 

  • Cell phone/landline phone for consistent communication 

Types of Online Data Entry Jobs 

Following are the most popular types of online data entry work from home:

Survey Forms

     Research organizations frequently require form filling. These jobs are most popular and occur frequently. You can work on these jobs if you fulfill the criteria because surveys require specific individuals relevant to the field. Sometimes, your area/geography plays a vital role, then comes the profession, and finally the user of a particular product/service. 

         Mostly, the survey forms contain questions which you need to answer as per the given perimeter. You need to fill it sincerely rather than just ticking or clicking random options. Remember the quality will determine the availability of jobs in future. 

Typing Jobs 

       These jobs mostly posted on freelancing platforms. They either demand form filling, or typing from images, or pdf files. The purpose is to get an editable digital copy of the text in MS Word or any other word-processing tool. Online libraries mostly offer such jobs to duplicate digital copies of their books.  

        Precision counts a lot in the case of typing jobs. You have to double check the typed text before submitting the final copy. 

Form Filling 

        They’re not available as much as typing jobs but still, you may find one or two posted each day on freelancing websites. These jobs provide you with a set pattern and instructions about filling a particular form. Most of the time, the required data is provided by the employers and occasionally, you’ve to search for the information by visiting relevant websites. 


        One of the most popular online data entry jobs – as transcriptionist – require you attend phone calls and transcribe/write the audio you hear on the phone. This job basically requires exceptional listening skills while being able to write down precisely whatever you listen. 

Text Formatting 

        This job requires exceptional knowledge of MS Word formatting options such as indents, table creating, picture insert, heading styles, and text formation etc. Most of the people consider this an easy task but believe me, if you haven’t got the skills, this task will give you tough time. 

        The basics are to note the instructions carefully, follow each and every step, and format the given document in a way that it exactly looks the same as the sample provided by the employer. Even you need to maintain the font type, size, heading style, and spacing etc. 

Catalog Maintenance

        Catalog listings are trendy these days, thanks to the likes of eBay and Amazon. More and more sellers are joining these platforms to enlist their products with specifications. Shopify experts are also in demands these days to manage the inventory of an online store. 

Medical Coding 

       Medicines come with a unique code and the job of a data entry operator is to write the codes relevant to each medicine. Concentration and precision is vital here as in the case of most of the data entry jobs. 

Payroll Data Entry 

This job requires you to create payroll lists. It contains the name, address, salary, and other provided details of the employees serving a company. You need to be an expert in using MS Excel for this job. 

Email Processing 

Read, and analyze the content of an email! This job involves opening, reading and processing hundreds of email per day, as per the given instructions. 


This job deals with digits or other type of data, which you need to insert in a given software. Most of the times, the job requires to check and verify the provided information. 

Freelance data entry jobs require some experience and skill but the good thing is that most of these job types require similar skillset. There’s no need to worry about the type because you’ll get used to any of these jobs within a day. It’s about finding your rhythm, once you do it, things become easier and you start noticing increasing flow with the passage of time. You can register with some reliable freelancing website and start contributing to your regular income.