Best online tools for freelance content creators

2018 is a great time to be in the freelancing game. And thanks to the rise in cloud computing, a number of tools for doing freelance work can be found online at a very competitive price. Long gone are the days where you would have to shell out big money for processor intensive applications to get the job done. For content creation especially, online tools can provide cost-effective, convenient and efficient ways to produce and manage high-quality work from anywhere. 


So, let's take a look at what tools are currently out there making a name for themselves in the world of content creation. 


Canva 2.0

Visual content is considered to be one of the most effective ways to market online. It has been found that when people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of it three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people were able to retain 65% of the information three days later. Quite the improvement, wouldn’t you agree?


With so many social media streams and platforms to think about, it is really important to have a tool that can help you make quality images fast. There are a few out there on the market but my absolute favorite is Canva, especially since the release of their latest version: Canva 2.0


The interface is very intuitive and version 2.0 appears to be more speedy and responsive than the original version. Canva has a free subscription that you can start with, and paid subscription option with additional features. The free version is great if you are just starting out and it gives you the chance to play around with the features before you commit to a monthly subscription.


Canva free gives you template options for all standard social media posts, banners and presentation sizes, as well as access to a large number of templates to work from and manipulate. Upload your own images to it, then simply drag and drop the images, text boxes and shape elements around the canvas.


For $13 a month per member, you can upgrade to their ‘Canva for work’ plan which has a larger range of features. If you are making content regularly, then this plan really helps to streamline the way you can work on multiple projects at once. Setting color palettes for specific brands, auto-resizing designs and access to 400,000 images and illustrations directly through the tool are just a few of the paid subscription features.


Bottom Line: Canva really is a simple and effective way to create and manage your images. It is a must have for anyone creating content either just for themselves or a large volume of content for clients. 



Hubspot found in a recent survey that 54% of consumers wanted to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Typito recognized this and created an online video making tool for content creators to make great quality videos for online marketing. 


I think of it like Canvas video-creating cousin. Both platforms have a similar interface with regards to uploading your own images or videos and drag & drop actions, as well as other text or shape element similarities, making Typito and Canva great complementary tools to learn and use.

Typito has a varied number of animations you can perform on each element added to the project, such as fading and popping in from different sides of the screen. There are plenty of different text animations you can add to your video, and the tool allows you to upload and edit audio as well.


You get most of the video image creation tools regardless of what subscription you have - You’ll just be paying for how many videos you are downloading each month. On the free version, you can download 4 full HD videos a month but they will have the Typito logo embedded unless you pay $5 to remove it. The free version, however, only allows 10 clips or images per video, and you’re not able to upload custom fonts - so the free plan is very much for someone starting out and just playing around with the tool. Once you are ready to make videos more regularly, there are paid for plans starting at $25 a month offering more downloadable HD content a month and every video creation design feature they have available. 


Typito is very easy to use regardless of if you have used video making software before. They have helpful guides and offer a great online tool to make quick, easy, marketable videos for content creators. 



Every freelance content creator needs images, but obtaining high-quality stock images from subscription sites can quickly add up. Unsplash features a diverse range of high quality curated photos, royalty free. The photographers only really ask that you mention them if you using the image. The photos really are of a high standard and offer an alternative to the usual stock imagery you see in some places. 


Twitter found tweets with GIFs generate six times more engagements than just basic text updates. People love sharing funny GIFs so they are great source of content if you can get it right. 


Giphy is the number one place to find and/or create your GIFs to be shared directly to your social media platforms. They have a great search engine and numerous categories so as to help you get the right GIF for any occasion. This site/app is a must for any and all content creators.  



Freelancers, especially those starting out, need as much help as they can get and we are fortunate enough to have a lot of companies out there working to try and make functional tools for us to use on the go without compromising on quality. It is good to have lots of them out there as they push each other to get better and to think of ways to improve. 


These are my favorite tools to use, but there are plenty of other web-friendly image, video and gif making programs out there. (Do you have a favorite tool you’d like to spread the word about? Tweet us @BoonTechUSA!) The important thing is to find the right tool for you. Freelancing is all doing about things your way. The one thing, above all for me, that these tools have in common is that they are based online and accessible from anywhere and from any device with access to the internet. That, to me, is irreplaceable. 


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