Here’s Quick Way to Get Freelance Project Online

  • Posted by Chrisitna Doel
  • 31 March 2018

Winning freelance projects online has never been easier for the beginner and when we talk about quick success, we actually mean a couple of weeks or a month, but not more than a month. Believe me, winning good freelancer online projects within the first month is rare and if you somehow manage to do it, consider it a huge success. Devotion, seriousness, and professionalism combine to convert the impossible into the possible. 

It’ll Take Time and Effort 

The thought of earning money without having to leave to your home attracts millions but the thought in itself is deceptive and the procrastinators start daydreaming without putting in a significant effort. The result! Wastage of time and sheer disappointment. Such failure-stories are spread by the unsuccessful adventurers in attempt to stop others who want to try their luck by becoming a freelancer.  

We can’t deny the fact that it’s going to take significant effort even before creating profiles on freelance websites. You need to first determine your expertise rather than presenting yourself as a jack of all trades. Stay positive, there’s no need to worry about lack of reputation and the absence of reviews. All of those featuring impressive profiles with hundreds of reviews have also started from the scratch so why can’t you?

I started my freelancing career back in 2014, the time when only a few freelance web platforms had legitimate credibility they inspired scores of new platforms featuring minor differences. At that time, winning a bid wasn’t as tough as it is now. So here’s the tip! 

A New and Credible Freelance Web Platform 

Every now and then I come across the question How to win freelance projects online as a beginner without even a single review? I always suggest to opt for a credible freelance web platform for a new freelancing website isn’t as populated as of the older platforms. Even today, when I visit the website from where I started my freelancing career, each new project gets over 50 bidders, with over 60% beginners but with less than 5% chances of winning the bid because who would opt for a beginners when (s)he has experienced freelancers available? 

If you ask me to name one of the most promising freelance websites, I’ll name the BOONTECH, a new platform with innovation, the first ever AI supported website to help not only employers but also freelancers. A huge number of established and global names are referring to this new platform and trusting the freelancers ready to serve through BOONTECH. If you’re serious about pursuing your freelancing career while making things a bit easier, in the beginning, you need to opt for the BOONTECH. If you work with devotion, show good results and demonstrate your skills, you’ll definitely turn into a veteran freelancer and make the most of your BOONTECH profile in the near future. If you keep waiting and delaying, you’ll never have such an amazing opportunity in the future because thousands of freelancers tends to shift to the new platforms and even bring their clients to the new websites to help their profile building. 

Bring  Your Clients to the Freelance Websites 

If you’ve already served a few clients then there is nothing more convincing than bringing your clients to the freelancing platform through which you want to proceed in the future. Scores of freelancers have done it in the past with excellent results. It helps both, the employers as well as the freelancers. This is perhaps the quickest and most reliable way to accumulate some 5-star profile reviews. 

Before serving as an online freelancer I had volunteered my writing services to my friend’s website, followed by a few smaller projects dealing with essay and blog writing. It took some time but did payback and I managed to earn a handsome amount of money for a couple of bigger projects involving bulk writing assignments for a couple of years. When, for the first time, I created my freelancer online profile I realized that bringing in my local employers will help me and thanks to their positive response, I managed to build an impressive profile. I still think that I made a huge mistake at that time. Before creating a profile, I should’ve built my portfolio website. I didn’t have that idea but I’ll never like to see you commit the same crime. 

An Impressive Portfolio Site 

The best way to help your potential client have an insight of your skills is to build an impressive portfolio website. It adds flavor to your profile as well as a professionally built portfolio casts a formal as well as delicate impression ultimately helping your cause as a new freelancer. A well-designed portfolio website will highlight your experience, show what you can do for the client, demonstrate your skills and expertise, and more importantly allows potential clients to easily communicate with you through contact details provided along with the portfolio. 

Remember, as a newbie, you don’t have experience to show so the only way to demonstrate you skills is to let your clients have a look at your portfolio. Every new freelancer online is, by default, considered inexperienced unless you convince the employers through your portfolio. 

Never Try to Outsmart Others 

I’ve learned from my freelancing experience that an attempt to outsmart clients or anybody else is actually a suicidal move. Scores of freelancers try to trick freelance websites by sharing documents containing contact information in an attempt to avoid paying website’s commission. Such malicious attempts trigger drastic consequences. The beginners often try be over smart ignoring the fact that the developers and administrators of such huge platforms already anticipate such attempts and it doesn’t cost them anything. 

Let me narrate a real-life example! One of my friends never liked paying freelancing website commission so he used to share personal information through documents. Each time he did it, he lost the employer’s trust and his bid got rejected. What happened next is disappointing, my friend did the same to a veteran employer on that platform and he actually contacted my friend directly via social media app. They discussed the terms, task and payment modes. The employer paid him through Moneybookers/Skrill for the first trial project to win my friend’s confidence. The next project was for a full month, the settled amount as around US$1200. Everything went good till the last scheduled day, my friend provided him with the task, well done but the employer never responded to his messages and calls. Now what! $1200 sunk in the cold-deep sea and there’s nothing my friend could do but to scold himself for trying to trick others. 

Even if you don’t lose money this way, dealing directly to save minor payments will cost your good reviews. You’re actually sacrificing dozens of potential clients who could have noticed your profile had it accumulated a few 5-star reviews. 

Quick Tips to Get Freelance Projects Online 

Once your profile is complete and you’ve also set up a portfolio website, there’s still much more to consider to ensure the proceedings on the right track. Following are a few tips to quicken things up on the quest for freelancer online projects. 

  • Ensure Quick Response 

As soon as a project is posted on freelance websites, scores of bidders fall in and even a 10-second delay could force your bid climb down and a slightly quicker response could lift your bid higher (temporarily as the bidders are mostly rated as per their experience, reviews and stars etc.) for some time that’s enough to let the employer notice your bid and respond in an anticipation to have a quick chat. Quick response counts a lot and you need to take it seriously. With each passing second, more freelancers add to the bidders’ list and the employer will definitely consider only the top bidders. Being the beginner, your best chance is to place a customized bid as quickly as possible. 

  • Customize Your Proposal 

A blank bid is a fool’s idea and a wayward proposal is suggestive of an idiot’s approach. First, make sure to read the whole project description and note down the requirements. In your proposal, use conversational tone explaining to the employer how you’ll approach the solution, what tools/skills fit in the requirements, how long will it take to complete the project, and more importantly, NEVER HESITATE TO ASK A QUESTION about the project if you’ve in mind. This approach will tell the employer that you’ve taken the post seriously, you’re professional and willing to take on the challenge, and (s)he’ll definitely want to at least talk to you in an anticipation of a good find. 

Along with the above couple of tips, you need to forget about compromising on price. Remember, that the employers are mostly looking for result generation, quick completion, efficient implementation and reliable solutions, and for all this, they’ll never mind paying a bit extra. Don’t forget the accepted truth Low Price – Low Quality, so avoid making an employer think of you as a Low-Quality consideration.