Home Office Rules


Maybe you're an experienced self-made entrepreneur, or maybe you're just now starting out in building your own business. From remote workers to full-time freelancers, the capacity to do work anywhere is a blessing in today's connected world, but nothing is more important than your home office. Keep a few of our pointers in mind, and you can't go wrong in your home office haven.


Respect the space


This is more than just whipping around with the vacuum cleaner and dusting off the WiFi router. Your home office is your domain, and as such, it should be understood with the other members of your household that when you're here, you're essentially At Work. Interruptions should be kept to a minimum, you'll be in here X number of hours a day, and during that time you're basically treated as though you're out of the house.


Hone your focus


Working from home is fantastic. However, creating that connection between a work ethic in your home office and your ability to focus is key. Todd Henry, a specialist in coaching creatives in work, often describes how we can do our utmost to look busy rather than be busy, or even succumb to what he calls Ping – the urge to check social media and emails every so often in case we miss anything.


Bite the bullet and make your home office a no fly zone for social media and other busywork that goes nowhere – unless it's focused on what you're accomplishing.


Stay inspired


Of course, knuckling down on productivity alone isn't going to do anything more than push you towards creative burnout. You've the freedom to design your home office as you see fit, and it's often a good idea to incorporate as much of what inspires you as possible.


That way, when you're tackling a bit of unwelcome feedback, or overcoming a slump in motivation, you need only look at, say, the pictures of the holiday you're working towards, or the awards you long to win, or the memoirs you plan to write, to make it all happen. Mementos of the long game can work wonders here, as well as day to day motivators – greenery and plants and soothing natural light.


Smart space for work and play


You gave up being a wage slave so you're not shackled to the desk, so similarly, think of how you can use your home office space to do more than hunch over the keyboard. Maybe proof your briefing documents in a comfy armchair close by, or sip coffee by the window listening to morning birdsong while you refine the portfolio. Keeping moving while working helps more than you may know.


Of course, efficiency can get a welcome boost thanks to a few smart ideas too. Make a routine of ensuring your stationery and printer paper is well stocked, but maybe think about a kettle and some tea or a coffee machine in arm's reach too. You now say when breaktime is for these invigorating mugs of promise, and snack breaks can be taken whenever you like.




Your home office is a crucial part of your role when self-employed – respect it as it deserves, and it'll repay your kindness tenfold, time after time. It's here that you'll be working your magic, day in, day out – and a few ground rules in your home office space will help you commit to the long haul. Stay self disciplined, but above all, stay inspired, and you'll be well on your way to a healthy balance of work and play that's sure to kickstart your career goals.