How to be a Freelance Digital Marketing Executive When You Have Zero Experience?

  • Posted by Adam Hoff
  • 28 March 2018

Arguably, Digital marketing is the greatest power dictating its terms in modern day online entrepreneurship and industries across the globe and you’ve every right to anticipate a brighter freelance digital marketing career. I’ve previously served local companies and it helped me get going as a freelance digital marketer for the reason that I had enough to demonstrate through my experience and polished skills. With the passage of time, freelance digital marketing jobs began to shower upon me so much that I had to quit serving as a company’s full-time employee. The mere thought of being your own boss and having to report nobody but yourself brings a new energy to your life and all of a sudden you receive inspiration from successful freelancers.

What It Takes?

Digital marketing jobs require an array of responsibilities and you need to be ready take on the challenge. Here, ZERO EXPERIENCE is the main hurdle and you somehow need to deal with it. No shortcuts! Neither do I believe in shortcuts, so let’s face it; when you need something that you don’t have, you, however, need to have it one way or the other. At this stage, the experience is what you lack and you need to gain experience. As mentioned above, no shortcuts, so let’s talk about how to get the least amount of experience to get going.

The Necessary Skills 

Whether it is digital marketing or any other freelancing service, the first thing is to schedule a routine and stick to it. You need to effectively implement the time management skills and be highly organized to manage your profiles, update portfolio, respond to the clients, and bound yourself to the set schedule. In short, no room for the procrastinators! Freelancing doesn’t serve the purpose if you take it as an easy-going track. Yes! You’re not going to report a boss but don’t forget that you’re alone, accountable for any gain or loss so you need to be consider the responsibility quite seriously.

I preferred freelancing for the fact that I loved digital marketing and wanted to learn more and more by being independent and doing whatever I could to introduce creativity to my work. Had I not felt sensation about learning new digital marketing ideas, I would’ve collapsed. You need to show devotion, get inspired, feel the same motivational sensation that I still continue to feel whenever I come across a creative digital marketing tool/strategy.

Modern-day freelancing has improved over the years but in the meanwhile, it has become challenging for the part-timers. Freelancing – if you want to earn a living – requires utmost attention, professionalism, much more time than most of you would’ve thought. On the brighter side, using effective freelancing techniques you can surely become a freelance digital marketing executive even if – currently – you have zero experience. There would be nothing as deceptive as of calling it an easy going, but it isn’t impossible if you’re serious in your approach, devoted and equipped with the willpower.

The Right Mindset 

There’re thousands of disappointing stories of the freelancers and I also went through such stories when I entered the freelancing world, initially searching for the freelance content writing jobs, just to get going and accumulate a few 5-star reviews. I’ve read about the unsuccessful freelancers going without any project for months. Through my experience, I’ve reached the conclusion that effectively doing the freelance digital marketing jobs require a specific mindset in addition to self-faith and confidence, and it comes from learning, updating yourself, and gaining experience from smaller projects.

The specific mindset demands you to gradually prepare for the greater challenges without losing your footings. Challenges are the charm of every successful entrepreneur’s story. If you fear challenges, you need to step back and continue doing what you’re already doing.

Success as a freelancer requires the proactive approach, preparation and out of the box thinking because all these three factors help you stand out in the list of 100s of available freelancers.

Tomorrow Never Comes 

You can’t relive the moment that passes by so if you’re striving for success, make every moment count. Without any digital marketing experience, the beginning turns out to be the toughest phase. You need to overcome the fears, forget the disappointment, be optimistic yet realistic, and pay full attention to whatever piece of knowledge you come across.

Internship seems to be the most effective method in an attempt to seek some digital marketing experience in a professional environment. If you don’t regard it as the right option then can opt for the online digital marketing courses. When I began taking online content writing jobs, I didn’t have much idea about proper SEO implantation. I subscribed to a couple of impressive YouTube channels offering SEO tutorials and equipped myself with something that was totally unknown to me a couple of days earlier.

Remember that the employers will never offer training before hiring you unless there’s something highly customized to the employer’s business, a specialized tool, an exclusive software or something which is specific to the employer’s project. The problem with internships is that firstly, it’s hard to find one and secondly, it requires a lot of time. The internet is the best companion in this regard, you can opt for the paid courses or even free courses. It’s all about spending sufficient time to learn the basics and even the advanced techniques.

Start with Writing Projects 

Kick-starting with freelance content writing jobs is the best approach as it takes you to the highway without getting disappointed right at the beginning. Keep gaining knowledge and experimenting after learning from online courses alongside but don’t jump straightaway on the upscale projects. Generally, online content writing jobs are short-term and involve less effort and money so the employers are happy to risk hiring the newbies. Five to ten good writing gigs will launch your profile via good reviews.

To start with, don’t try multiple freelancing platforms. You need to focus on building a single profile, with effective credentials. BOONTECH is my favorite suggestion for all the freelancer, especially those looking for some experience. This is a safe platform and the good thing is that at the moment it doesn’t have high-density in terms of the number of freelancers. If you succeed in getting a few projects and reviews, this could turn into a huge advantage in the coming years because BoonTech is constantly climbing up the ladder. A good profile on this platform today, will certainly payback in future for by that time you’ll list yourself among the credible freelancers and the employers always look for the credibility.

I personally didn’t start digital marketing as a freelancer, rather I first gained experience working with local employers and companies but I do know a number of successful digital marketing experts who started as a freelancer without a prior experience and today they have bulk work, consistent enough to not only keep themselves busy but they also added and trained more marketers to handle the workload, ultimately finding themselves in an executive position. You can also become a highly satisfied digital marketing executive by following these footsteps but you have committed yourself right from the word go.

The Importance of Digital Marketing Courses 

Experience is the best tutor but you still can’t deny the importance of getting proper training and knowledge to get you going. As far as the basics are concerned, you can opt for the free online tutorials, or join classes in your locality. As far as the professional insight is concerned, you may opt for the paid online courses. The blend of practical experience and professional digital marketing training will help you better implement the marketing strategies in an attempt to serve your clients the best possible way.

Never Say NO! 

The mistake most of the digital marketing freelancers commit is to avoid taking more projects and rely on the limited number of employers. For individuals, it is a right approach but as you are looking to expand the scope and become an executive, you must build relationships with other freelancers, local marketing experts and aim at setting up an office in your locality. Don’t say NO to any employer, rather build your team and serve more and more clients. Don’t rely on low-price freelancers/professionals even if you have compromise a little in terms of earnings. Once you manage to build your team, getting enough workload, it’s time to relax, manage things, distribute work, communicate the instructions, get the job done from your subordinates and ensure the provision of the desired results to help your client’s brand. It’s altogether a new lifestyle, full of opportunities and a happy hunting ground to opt for more freelancing adventures, i.e. virtual assistance, web, and app development, vector illustration, graphic designing, and much more. The freelancing scope had been limited but it requires a broader vision to materialize the vision. Wish you a successful freelance digital marketing career!