How to Find Freelance Web Developer Jobs

  • Posted by Chrisitna Doel
  • 06 April 2018

Wanted to become a freelancer? But never knew the steps and procedure of winning the game of freelancing. Many of us are talented enough to stand out in the crowd of freelancers but consider it the worst nightmare just because of false stories we hear about the failure of many people in freelancing career. The trick comes with winning the project. As a newbie, when so many professional oldies are already there to serve, it becomes difficult to win any project. But trust me it is difficult, not impossible. Unexpected things happen and they happen for a reason when you know how to impress by your words and trust in a bid. Starting your career as a freelancer need patience. It may require few months to give a start to a new career but following the expert's advice, tips and tricks so you can cover this long distance in short span of time. 

Once you have to make the decision of starting the freelancing career as a web developer you must know the basic requirements that help in the full expression of your talent.

Understand what actually you want to do

It may sound weird, but define your goals, set your objective and build a foundation that serves a specific cause. Composed and the focused person is more likely to get success rather than a person with scattered thoughts. This will help the seekers to know what actually you can do for them and portrait the positive impression of yours. Once you have decided to be a freelance web developer then you have to leave no stone unturned in the field of web development. Most important of all is, you have to enhance the web development knowledge, grip and command over the skills. So you can resolve arising issues and develop any website with a hue of your talent in it. Under the heading of web developer job, there are zillions of tasks are performed, most commonly involve

  •  Front-End Developers 

  • Back-End Developers 

  • Full Stack Developers 

  • JavaScript Developers 

Now it’s up to you at a scratch level which thing you can perform with full expertise. Start with a few things and later expand them as it is difficult to succeed as a jack of all trades but expert of none. 

Built a profile

Once you have trained yourself in web development and have enough knowledge about it but you have zero views and reviews on your profile. Then here comes a question, how will you show your work to other companies and websites? For this, you have to design samples, from basics to advanced, to put a diverse show of your talent. And advertise your skills like you are the only one in the town who can handle the project. A strong portfolio can help a lot in your emerging career. Updated, edit and improve your portfolio now and then, throughout your career. As a freelance web developer, it is compulsory to know and display all the work (s) he can do to create the name of their foundation in the league.

Start at small level

At initial stages, it is hard to cope up with a difficult task in short span of time but as you indulge yourself in any activity, performance improves as time passes by. Starting at a small level doesn’t mean just sit idle and do least work per day that means before establishing your own organization. Learn and practice under someone’s instructions. Through this, not only your skills will be polished but you will get the chance to learn even more with a professional approach. Later when you will start working with your own foundation, they can either approach you to find developer online or you can ask for a favor to do so.


After designing a great portfolio, you have to make others aware of it. Your next duty is to spread awareness about your organization. This may sound like a hustle but if you want to expand and built a strong foundation for your freelancing career, it is a compulsory thing to do. Use various social networking sites, made your profile on it and post a regular update about your work. Ask different advertising companies to advertise your foundation, that a paid effort and totally optional but it can boost the publicity graph of your foundation. This way multiple clients can easily approach towards your profile to assign you task and opportunity of winning freelance web developer jobs increase. 

How to win a project

A question still unanswered, how to win a project? 

  • Well here comes a trick, try to find the companies and websites that are less crowded. So with your strong base and foundation chance of winning the projected increase by multiple folds. 

  • Before bidding for any project read the full description of the task given by the company. Try to intact with them in a professional tone, your every word showing the promising way to fulfill their requirement. 

  • Never leave bid box empty, in this way you prove a fool and stupid to them. And they will drop your bid request. 

  • Try to respond to bid and their queries immediately, a delay in reply or response might bring down your performance graph as it implies you don’t seem interested and professional.

  • Ask a question about their preference regarding work and try to fulfill their demand. This way satisfaction of client increases.

  • Try to customize the proposal with the blend of your idea. This gave a professional approach toward the accomplishment of any task. As client get the image that you have performed such task and know how to do it professionally.

  • Try to complete given an assignment in the defined time period, this way you will be able to gain the trust of the client.

Online developer

Finding a freelance web developer job at initial stages of career is a difficult thing. But never lose hope and hard work that going to paid off later. 

  • You can enhance traffic at your site just by inviting the previously served clients to freelance medium. Especially to the site you are going to keep up with in future. It will be a helpful act for your newly emerging profile.  

  • By advertising and promoting your site as per instructions are given above.

  • By the perfect display of your expertise. 

Do your homework

For being a web developer it is compulsory to know the requirements of the work. As a doctor ask a question from patient to diagnose same way for a web developer it is important to compose a brief, well defined and easy to understand checklist. That includes the questioner or a checklist as given below

  • Client-Focused Checklists

This checklist is designed to know the requirements of the client in a website to be developed. Especially colors, outlook, logo and the general display is focused in this section

  •  Pre-Launch Checklists

For the style, so, validation, content and security points. This checklist is organized especially for a new developer for easy understanding

  • General Web Design Checklists

It is designed to assure the quality code like to know whether a website use a correct doc-type, character set, valid CSS, (XHTML, well structured, and javascript errors 

  • Usability Checklists

This checklist is developed to make a website a user-friendly otherwise there is no benefit of developing a website that any user cannot handle.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checklists

More than 200 rank factors are offered by Google to rank any website. Guesses are made by the master web developer to rank your website one of the popular among others and help to make it easy to find like a tree in the forest

  • Marketing Checklists

This is organized to know the rate of traffic coming to your website and help to improve the popularity of a newly developed website.

  • Ultimate Web Design Checklists

This section involves the usability, content, layout, accessibility, and choosing a domain name

These checklists are designed for ease of client and web developer to make a website accessible, acceptable and easily available. This way client finds easy to communicate with the web developer as per demand. You can also compile this questionnaire in the form of the pdf file and ask your client to answer them. This will help in making your freelance web developer career even more promising.

Never underestimate your client

Your client knows what they want and what they have said to you. So never outsmart them with over smartness it will ultimately prove to be a suicidal act for your freelance web developer career and makes it even more difficult for client to find developer online. Because it’s the way you will lose trust in the eyes of client and they will tend to avoid your foundation in future. 

In the end, I would like to compile the discussion by saying that patience and hard work are keys to success in freelance web developer career. Once you will win a project, work hard, stay determination and learn even more from your experience.