How To Hire The Right Freelancer Online

Over the past decade or so, the entire economy and marketplace has changed utterly. Technology rules everything, now, and freelance workers are the entrepreneurs of the 21st century. Finding the best freelancer for the job you need, however, can be an exercise in frustration. It seems everyone thinks they’re an expert these days, and everyone is hiring themselves out.

How can you find a freelancer that actually has the skills, ability, and tools they claim? How can you avoid hiring the wrong person and losing hundreds or thousands of time and dollars? Learn how to hire the right freelancer for any job, the steps you need to take, and how the right artificial intelligence platform can be the answer you need.

How to Hire the Right Freelancer

If you’re wondering how to hire freelancers in online, you’re not alone. Businesses everywhere are struggling to find an answer in the new marketplace. In the past, you’d simply put out a call in the local labor market, review resumes, conduct interviews and hire the right candidate. In the modern technological freelance era, however, your talent pool is worldwide, and sifting through the applications alone can be a full-time job.

Outsourcing Your Search

The best solution can be found by outsourcing your job search. There are many reasons why you might choose a freelancer—you’re getting highly specialized skills, and freelance work can save you a lot of money. Even a higher priced freelancer saves you on benefits, on training, and on overhead.

Outsourcing allows you to leverage the ability of a specialized service that is dedicated to finding freelance work. It gives you access to the tools you need to sift through the dozens, hundreds or even thousands of applications you might get, find those that are the most likely to suit your needs, and hire the best, while taking the strain off of your HR department.

What to Look For

There are a number of factors you need to look for in your new freelancer. Just as with the traditional job market, experience matters. Find freelancers who have a track record of successfully completing jobs, with a list of references. It can be hard to ask for portfolios since many freelancers provide uncredited work for hire. However, look for those who have a list of references and satisfied customers.

Be sure that you set your freelancers up with measurable and specific goals and deadlines, with specific consequences for missing deadlines, in writing. Have a solid work plan and a constantan open line of communication. Make sure that you have the right tools in place to manage your freelancers, keep them on track, and get the work you need at the quality level you require.

Ask the Right Questions

Asking the right questions, both of yourself and the potential freelancer is key to getting the best person for the job. Find out right up front how they prefer to communicate and make sure that their preferences are in line with your own. It doesn’t help if you prefer to talk in person and the freelancer only wants to communicate via email.

Also, find out what their specialties are, and ask for samples or references to that end. It’s really easy for any freelancer to say, “Sure, I can do that,” but then when it comes down to it, you find out they’ve never actually done what they claim. Suddenly you’re in for training, education, or even starting over from scratch with a new freelancer.

Finally, do they have the time to do the job? No matter how good a freelancer is, if their plate is full, they’re going to start missing deadlines. It doesn’t do you any good to hire a highly recommended and credentialed freelance worker who then runs out of time to actually do the job.

In the end, this comes down to flexibility. You want a freelancer who is going to be flexible in their operations, who will adapt to your needs, and be available to complete the job on time.

Cost is King

Freelancers can be worth their weight in gold, but as a business, you need to consider the cost factor. On one hand, you need to remember that you do get what you pay for. A bargain basement freelancer will deliver bargain basement results. However, a high-cost freelancer may not be worth the investment for your needs. It’s vital that you consider what they charge as it relates to your requirements and budget.

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