How to Overcome Career Stagnancy by Travelling Abroad

  • Posted by Adam Hoff
  • 07 June 2018

There are times you may find yourself stuck in a rut career-wise. You realize with time that you are no longer being productive at your place of work. Instead, you just find yourself gazing into space and daydreaming. 

Many people also experience such as well. It’s an indicator that you need to do something to propel you to the next level of productivity. But freelancers usually face a unique problem when this happens. Contrary to what normal office workers experience, remote workers usually have no one around to cheer them up or jolt them from the dreamland. Especially for those working on freelance data entry jobsHence the effect of such an occurrence may be far reaching for a freelancer. 

There are some quick fixes to such common problems. One of the approaches is to change your work environment.  Changing the room in which you work or even getting a new computer may work for some time but may not be sufficient to tackle a deep-seated problem. At such times, you have to think of a major step to take in overcoming it. You know, like taking some time off from work to travel abroad. Well, it might sound too drastic and abrupt, but it has been shown to work wonders as far as causing a change in your career.  

The advantages associated with traveling abroad.

In case you haven’t had an opportunity to travel abroad since you started freelance work, then you will be in for a treat. You will be able to have experiences that are quite unforgettable. And the beauty of it all will be that you will keep working as usual, only this time you will do it in different surroundings and environment. Think about doing it for a month and see the kind of change you will experience in your perspective. 

Traveling abroad provides the excitement and impetus required to rekindle joy in your work again. The energy you will acquire and excitement from visiting new places and meeting new people will provide the fuel needed to keep you going. Perhaps you imagine yourself to be a creature of routine and schedules, but you may yet surprise yourself by discovering that you are quite capable of taking a few surprises in your stride. 

In most cases, it’s usually the daily mundane things you do and the familiar surroundings that take the wind out of your sails when you think of working. Familiarity has been known to stifle people’s creativity and hold them back from full expression of their capabilities. But this is easily addressed by overseas travel. The new experiences, the different time zones and even climatic conditions might be all it needs for you to rediscover your creative streak once again. You will even be able to experiment with different times and schedules of working and identify which one works for your better. 

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What about the cost? You may ask. Won’t I have to have lots of money to be safe when traveling abroad? But this doesn’t have to be so. There actually are very affordable places you can visit and find accommodation for a number of days or even weeks. All you have to do is to ensure that you gather as much information about the places to visit so as to make informed decisions. And remember to take advantage of the numerous offers and discounts given to customers by hotels, travel companies and other service providers at particular times and seasons of the year. You might actually end up spending very little on such travel if you plan your journey to coincide with these seasons. 

And if you really have a challenge with finances, then consider renting out or subletting your apartment for the period you are away so that you cover part of the traveling expenses. You will actually be surprised to discover that many of your excuses are actually no reasons at all once you decide to go ahead with your plan. Any logistical challenges you encounter along the way can easily be dealt with quickly. 

Useful tips for maintaining productivity even while traveling

As much as you are traveling abroad, you need to remain productive in your work. You may be able to enjoy some fun as you explore and visit various places, but never for a moment forget the reason why you are traveling: to rediscover the passion for your work. You should, therefore, strive to remain disciplined so as to achieve these objectives. Below are listed the steps to help you maintain productivity.

  1. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection 

The Internet is a must-have even when you are away from your home. This is because you will have to keep the orders coming in and communication with clients open. If you are used to good internet connectivity in your home, you might assume that everywhere you travel has internet as well. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are parts of the world that do not have such reliable internet. 

That’s why you will need to research on the possible places to visit and ensure that they are adequately connected. You shouldn’t wait until you arrive at your destination to start worrying about such an issue. 

  1. Carry with you the appropriate devices and tools

As a freelancer, there are those tools and equipment that you can’t do without. Make sure that you pack these items to carry with you before you start your journey. In case you forget them or lose them along the way, it might prove to be quite difficult to find a replacement. 

  1. Inform all the important people of your decision to travel.

When your daily routine changes drastically as a result of moving to a new place, the struggle to adjust to the new realities is usually very hard. And this may tend to affect those you are working with, including your clients and colleagues. It’s therefore advisable to make all the necessary preparations to ensure as little interference of your working relationships as possible. 

You might need, for instance, to bring on board your employers and clients, and partners on the same page. Notify them of any changes in your schedule but be sure to say that you are still available. Let them know of the change in the means of communication if any. Doing this prior to traveling will ensure that you are on good terms with all those involved. 

  1. Take a break off from work at times

Remember that the reason why you are traveling is to deal with that feeling of being stuck. As much as work is important, you will need to create time off to enjoy the places you have visited. This will allow you to be re energized and refreshed to keep working productively.  

Rediscover your passion

Travelling is one of the greatest ways of reigniting your passion for anything that had been lost. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to travel abroad, and you will be happier for it. You will be able to get rid of stagnancy in your career once and for all.