These Are the Top Earning Bachelors Degrees for Freelancers

Maybe you are thinking of going back to school or even starting out college because you missed it the first time. And the foremost concern on your mind right now is the choice of a major that will enable you to earn a living and enjoy it as well. You may even have friends and colleagues that took courses that have caused them lots of grief. Sand this is what you want to avoid in deciding on your future. 


Does it matter any longer which course you pursue in life? What constitutes a well-paying course when compared from the work input the output expected? Which are those courses which will end up being a waste of your money and time when you undertake to study them?


These and many other questions may be running through your mind as you struggle to find something that will work for you. It actually matters what you study. Research has shown that the degree course you take has a greater impact on your employability and ability to make a decent income. Actually, the topmost earning bachelor’s degrees are quite from a certain narrow filed. They include those courses that are very specific in their skill requirement, and usually, take a number of years to competently master these skills. Most of these degree courses are in the engineering field, regardless of which type it is.  


Below is a list of the highest income earning bachelor’s degrees compiled by pay grade. People with these qualifications can easily find freelance work and earn decently from them. Here they are. 


 1. Systems and industrial engineering


This degree finds application in various fields on the market. These include information technology, manufacturing, and finance. Industrial and systems engineering provide the information required to enable businesses to run much more efficiently. The industrial and system engineering experts provide information on when it might be the most appropriate time for automation of particular tasks of operation, when you need to expand your capacity, how to draw up and assign workers’ schedules and even how to avoid the unnecessary wastage of resources in your firm.


It can clearly be seen that such a person skilled in this field can easily work as a freelancer. With so many options available to a systems engineer, it would be unwise to tie yourself down to one specific area. You can easily get to earn maximally by endeavoring to provide your services across many platforms, advising company owners and managers on how to run their operations. A middle level industrial and systems engineer can easily earn about $114,000 annually. 


2. Computer science and engineering


Many colleges are taking up the practice of merging fields of computer engineering and computer engineering to form a combined field of computer science and engineering. 


The two fields have traditionally had different points of focus. Computer science was mainly concerned with computer programming, algorithms and theory while computer engineering mainly deals with electronics and hardware. The integration of these two awesome fields is intended to ensure that humanity has the capacity to determine the fate of machines. 


Instead of only focusing on either the software or hardware separately as was initially the case, a computer science and engineering expert will be able to deal with all the issues concerning the computer. They can easily understand and apply the concepts of the physical and mechanical aspects of the computer and merge them seamlessly with the theoretical concepts in programming. 

If you are a freelancer with this kind of degree, you can easily work in any field that deals digital content. You can work for an online retail store that deals with the sale of products through a mobile application or even help a traditional company that is struggling to digitize its content from papers to computer files. There are simply so many ways in which you can be useful to your clients as a freelancer. And they will surely be glad to have your help. It’s estimated that a mid-career computer science and engineering expert can earn an annual salary of $116,000. 


3. Actuarial science and mathematics


An actuary is responsible for assessing financial risk and advising businesses accordingly. An actuary has studied actuarial science and mathematics. An actuary has the ability to advise you on such issues as the kind of insurance policies to buy, how best and where to invest for maximum profit and even how to reduce the negative impacts of events on your business. 


And these are great skills in demand by those businesses that are just setting up shop. If you plan to start a business, you definitely will need the services of such an expert to help you navigate the murky waters of business growth and establishment. You will be able to successfully launch and manage an enterprise that is sure to bring in enormous profits. 


As a freelance actuary, you will be able to help many business owners establish themselves by making decisions that are financially sound and wise. Whether you will be working with individual entrepreneurs or large established corporations, your services will be indispensable to your clients. And you will be smiling all the way to the back while you are at it. Actuarial mathematics experts earn approximately $131, 000 in the middle of their career. 


4. Cognitive science


Sometimes people imagine cognitive science being all about studying experimenting on rats and hamsters in the lab for several years at a time. But this is only a small aspect of what cognitive science deals with. The field is quite diverse with numerous applications branching from it. Its main purpose is to study and understand human behavior with the objective of applying the principles learned to solve life’s issues.  


Cognitive science equips the learner with skills and knowledge that can be used in a number of situations. These include product design, artificial intelligence, legal practice and several others. This could be an excellent field of study for the freelancer who wishes to work with a diverse group of clients. The various applications of the course will leave your capacities and abilities tested to the limits, something that is good for personal development. 


As a cognitive scientist, you can either decide to start up your own practice or choose to offer advice as a freelancer to clients. Whatever the cases, you have a guarantee of earning handsomely for your efforts. It’s estimated that a cognitive science specialist can pocket about $121, 000 per year. 


These are the highest earning degrees for which one can work as a choose wisely what to study when you decide to go back to school to improve your chances of earning more income.

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