What is the Best Website for Finding Freelance Mobile App Developers?

  • Posted by Adam Hoff
  • 17 April 2018

Mobile app development is in full swing these days and it serves companies and even entrepreneurs through consistent, stable, and 24/7 customer engagement. These days, online presence is highly important to help the brands reach the market that has mainly shifted to the smart gadget.

Hiring mobile app developers has become easier thanks to the freelancing websites. But the question is, which website offers the best platform in this regard? With the passage of time, more and more freelancing websites are being created and it creates doubts in the employer’s minds because the increasing quantity means decreasing quality. The freelancing fever has caught the whole world and there are millions of freelancers serving one way or the other. 

As far as the mobile app development is concerned, I personally find no better option than the emerging, AI-driven, and highly reliable freelancing platform – BOONTECH. There are a number of reasons for which thousands of professionals rank it the best platform.  


Relatively new but highly effective and reliable – Boontech – is the first AI-based freelancing website. I’ve tried this platform personally and have found it extremely efficient, features attractive and simple navigation, and the dashboard is fairly user-friendly. 

Though, it is a new platform but has managed to attract top-quality freelance mobile app developers from all over the world. I’ve personally hired a few and got optimal results. 

The main reason behind the success of this platform is the provision of a patented Hedging technology which enables Boontech to eliminate the impact of value fluctuation of cryptocurrency. It means that an employer pays exactly what he should pay and a freelancer gets exactly he expects to get after working on a project for a week, or a month, without worrying about a decrease or an increase in the currency value. 

What you need is to visit the website, create/register your account, post the project, interview the potential developers and make a selection. Then you’ll have to pay the website a promised amount between you and the selected freelancer. Once the job is completed, you’ll release funds after checking the task done. 

I’ve placed Boontech at the top for the reason that this platform offers top-quality developers. The psyche of a freelancer is to serve the best when the profile is new and do whatever possible to earn better and better reputation with the passage of time. Boontech is a new platform but its freelancers are experienced, who’ve shifted from other platforms to avoid dense population. This is the perfect time to make full use of this platform because there are much higher chances of getting quality developers as compared to any other platform. 

Dealing with Currency Fluctuation 

In the case of conventional currency (paper-currency) the value fluctuation within a month doesn’t cast a significant impact but when it comes to the digital version – cryptocurrency – the fluctuation in the value is frequent, hard to anticipate, and significant. Even within a week, the currency value could change drastically. 

Mobile Application Development projects normally last more than a week. Here comes the currency fluctuation problem. For instance, if you and the selected developer agree at US$1000 to be paid in Indian Rupee INR70k once the task is done. Suppose, in the coming week – the project continuous – the exchange rate fluctuates significantly, and US$1000 equals INR65k, it would force you to pay over US$1000 as the task is done. Same could happen in reversal to inflict a loss to the freelancer. This uncertainty gives rise to the habit of constantly anticipating the exchange rates and honestly, you can’t predict it all the time. 

Boon Tech has come with an amazing AI driven solution to the currency fluctuation issue and it works exceptionally well when the digital currency jumps in. The website uses the patented Hedging technology which hedges the website’s currency (Boon Dollar) -informally termed as the Boon Coin – with the US $. The reason is that the value of the US $ is the most consistent of all the currencies in the world. The advantage of this hedging is that the Boon $ features consistency. The employer and the freelancer deal in Boon Dollar rather than considering the paper currencies. It means that, if you agree to pay 1000 Boon $, the value will remain the same even after a month so there’s no risk even if the projects lasts for months or if it is a long-term project stretching over a couple of years. 

Mobile App Development involves revisions, testing, modifications, and much more and it requires time – longer than the content writing or designing projects – so considering this aspect, Boontech is the best option. The Boon Hedging Technology is nowhere else in freelancing world and Boon Tech has already applied for the patent approval. It means that for certain number of years, only BoonTech will continue to use this technology and facilitate its members, both freelancers as well as employers. I’ve personally used the platform and found top-quality freelancers, devoted and motivated to make a mark in the industry. 

Knowing the freelancing platform is one thing. The process of selecting the best option is something else. You need to be willing to pay a bit more because to achieve exceptional quality, you have to pay accordingly rather than tightening your budget. The thing is, a delicate and professional mobile app will multiply your sales and promote your brands within months. The returns are far more than any other promotional strategy. 

Selecting the Operating System 

The selection of the operating system depends on your product/service type and the market you’re going to target. Android mobile app development is the most common job posting in this regard. An Android app definitely helps your brands reach more number of users than any other platform, iOS or Windows. Android primarily rules across Asia and the high rate of population density makes Android a top choice. 

iOS apps also pay off because most of the high-income category use an iPhone. It entirely depends on your product pricing. The best approach is to opt for a combo. Invest a bit more by getting Android app as well as iOS app. 

Windows phones – not as popular as Android – mostly managed to capture the European market but still didn’t succeed in competing against Android or iPhones. The termination of Nokia’s contract with Microsoft also had a huge impact on Lumia’s sale. There’re less chances that you’re going to require a mobile app for Lumia. 

Secondly, most of the mobile app developers offer their services for iOS and Android. Almost 90% of the total number of smartphones in the whole world either contain Android or an iOS operating system. 

While posting the project, don’t miss out mentioning the particulars such as the screen resolution, layout, navigation, push-notifications, and design, you’re looking for. Mostly, these factors fall in the developer’s domain but a mere mention would carry a message that you’re seriously concerned about quality and the freelancers will be more careful during the development phase. 

A slightest of hint about lack of technical knowledge encourages the freelancers to take the project for granted and they try to dictate their terms. You need to play smart by walking them through an in-depth project description, and a detailed interview. 

Never hesitate to ask for the portfolio, or even about the previous employers whom the candidate claims to have served in the past. It’ll let you know the level of the app developer and will give you a better idea about his/her skills. 

Pricing is important! Don’t try save a few dollars because it may force you to select some underrated developer. Paying a bit higher ultimately pays back. Obviously, an experienced developer will never compromise on pricing because he/she doesn’t lack the availability of projects. Only those, who lack experience, lack the workflow and prefer to compromise on pricing. You need to keep this rule in mind. If you’re not ready to compromise on pricing – being an employer – you’ll have to compromise on quality or may have to get the work done correctly by some other freelancer.

If you’ve a design idea, color combination, navigation plan in your mind, don’t hesitate to share it with the freelancer. Mobile apps require precise design and navigation suitable for a particular business. 

Most of the new freelancers don’t have hosting experience. The next best thing is to let the freelancer know that hosting will be his/her responsibility. Mobile app development involves various steps, from app design to testing and debugging. 

To help the selected freelancer work well, you need to keep in touch, respond to his/her questions, and clarify each and everything. The planning phase involves frequent communication. Don’t hesitate to provide the developer with the company profile to let him/her know precisely about your business and target market. 

Thanks for visiting and reading! I’m sure it’ll help you make the best selection when hiring a freelance mobile app developer.