Why Should I Hire Freelance Employees?

If freelancing is the future of employment what are its benefits?


Today’s workforce is a constantly changing one, it is rapidly moving away from the regular monotony of the 9-5 working day and witnessing a labor force that is more flexible, fluid, and dynamic. As a result companies are more frequently looking to outsource project-based jobs to freelancers, rather than taking on full-time employees.

As we move towards this labor force that is able to work for anyone, at any time, from anywhere, companies and start-ups that can adapt and follow this change will quickly gain an advantage in the marketplace, but just what are the real benefits of hiring a freelancer and why should you do it? Here are five reasons why employing freelancers could empower and revitalize your business.


1. Flexibility


Most freelancers have taken the plunge and opted to freelance so they can set their own work hours, choose their own place of work, how many hours a day to work and ultimately to remove themselves from the grind of office politics. This flexibility is vital to the freelancer, but can also be of huge benefit to the employer, for example, your freelance blog writing expert can construct that perfect blog over the weekend, ready for start of business on Monday. A specifically hired social media expert can be engaging with online media platforms late into the night and your native translator could work in a different timezone entirely. Freelancers can work unconventional hours and keep your business going strong whilst you have retired for the day, continuing to engage with a global market during hours others may consider unsociable.


By hiring a freelance specialist over a permanent multi tasking employee you can build a dynamic goal orientated team designed specifically for the challenge ahead, no need to task people with jobs outside their comfort zone, hire someone who is already right for the role. The often varied nature of their work means freelancers are also more than used to working and adapting to new sectors, thus reducing any potential worry about team fit and suitability.


2. Affordability


Having an employee working from home can save valuable and costly office space, the freelancer doesn't need an office so you don't have to rent one! When you factor in that freelancers are responsible for their own health care, benefits, and insurance, the savings mount up. Cutting these expenses can significantly lighten a companies payroll.

Perhaps, more importantly, a freelancer only charges you when they are actually working on your projects, not when they are chatting around the water cooler, not when they are surfing the net. Only when they are actually working.

By hiring a freelancer you are just paying for the work done, yes you may be paying them at what appears to be an increased hourly rate, but in the long term all the savings will add up very quickly.

Additionally for the freelancer, working from home doesn't incur massive overhead costs, work can be done on the move, at home or more frequently in coffee shops, this could be passed on to the client in the freelancers hourly rates.

3. Productivity and quality


As independent businesses in their own right, your freelance employee is always motivated to perform an excellent job and fast. Freelancers have their own interest at heart, they are responsible for their own repeat business, do a poor job or do it late and they won't be hired again, it is in everyone's mutual interests to perform at the highest level in order to receive repeat custom.

It is easier to fire a Freelancers, they are not on your permanent payroll and they know this! They are aware they need to perform at the highest level every single time in order to maintain the working relationship. Relying, as they do, on achieving specific goals to enhance their personal standing and career portfolios, they will strive to produce their best and because they are often hired to achieve a specific target they can be relied on to work in this goal orientated results-driven way, results that can only benefit your business.


4. Specialization


It is within the freelancers interest to expand their skill set to keep pace with workforce evolution. If your business has need of a specific skill or ability you can simply hire a specialized freelancer, someone specifically to deal with the issue. Why keep an employee on staff whose skill set you only utilize once or twice a year?

The freelancer will bring their expertise and experience in that field with them, without you having to retain them on your books and pay for this expertise permanently. Once the job is done you no longer need their services, until next time. By bringing in a person who is already trained and can start straight away you are cutting down on the time needed to do the job and eradicating unnecessary training, saving you still more money.


5. Innovation


A stale working environment is not productive for you, your employees or your company goals, hiring freelancers can bring in fresh innovative eyes and ears to your project and really shake things up.

We have already mentioned how it is in the freelancers best interest to stay ahead of the game, this necessitates a receptive attitude to innovation, the freelancer doesn't want to miss out on the next piece of technology that could give his business that crucial advantage. Just think how much your company could benefit from an employee without preconceived ideas who can bring cutting-edge solutions to your team. This added dynamism and can do attitude is contagious and can spread to the rest of your workforce. Not only does the freelance hire deliver on the specifics of the project but can also re-vitalize a jaded and flagging team.




With all these advantages and more it is clear to see why the rise in freelancing continues at speed. Investing in a freelance hire gives your business access to a vast (and growing) pool of dynamic, flexible and conscientious employees. Experts in their field whose motivations and passion can be applied to all your staffing and business needs, and did I mention that they save you money!


The question isn't really why should you hire freelancers, but when? Post your projects on BoonTech today and find the right freelancer for your needs, today!